Moser Energy Systems VP of Engineering and Innovation to Present at TechConnect World Innovation Conference & Expo

June 12, 2024

Moser Energy Systems is pleased to share that Senior Vice President of Engineering and Innovation, Darrin Moorman, will be presenting at the TechConnect World Innovation Conference & Expo in Washington, DC June 17-19. Moorman’s presentation on Using Advanced Hybrid Power Systems Controls for Precision Sustainment Through AI is at 4 PM on Tuesday, June 18 in Expo Hall BC.

“The modern battlefield uses sophisticated systems for virtually every aspect of warfighting including weapons, surveillance, communications, and mobility. The supporting power systems require equal sophistication and need to provide solid reliability with precision sustainment and predictive logistics,” says Moorman. “Moser’s Hybrid Intelligent Diagnostic Screening (HIDS) technology fundamentally changes how power systems are deployed and supported. It is the nexus of hybrid controls, AI, and digital twin technology. I am honored to present at this year’s TechConnect World Innovation Conference in DC.  Semper Fi!”

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