REV Station

Clean electric vehicle charging anywhere

As more and more electric vehicles take to the road, the demand for access to EV charging is multiplying exponentially. Charging infrastructure development is struggling, and often failing, to keep pace both in terms of volume and geographic accessibility. There are simply too few fixed EV charging stations to meet the exploding demand. And those fixed EV charging stations that do exist are high producers of greenhouse gas emissions, are taxing on the local grid, and are rendered useless in the event of electrical outages.

The Moser REV Station is the solution to all these problems and more. A clean, diversified mobile microgrid, the REV Station is outfitted to charge four EVs simultaneously. Universal and Tesla plugs offer Level 2 and Level 3 DC fast charging, the fastest charging technology available today. Whether working with the grid or operating in island mode, Moser’s REV Station strengthens EV infrastructure day-to-day and during outages.

The disaster relief mobile microgrid

As the risk of power outages increases due to natural disasters and climate change, the need for reliable on-demand, diversified, resilient power is greater than ever. In times of crisis, the REV Station serves as a mobile microgrid, capable of operating entirely independent of the grid or as a supplemental standby power supply.

The REV Station was designed to provide clean, standalone, dependable energy in the event of an electrical grid failure. A single REV Station can power up to 20 households simultaneously, and the units are scalable and integrable to meet the electrical needs of critical infrastructure, field hospitals, response missions, and EV charging. The REV Station’s unique portability makes it the ideal solution for on-demand emergency response power and short- and mid-term mobile microgrid needs.

How it works

The REV Station is comprised of one 240 kW HybridGen (battery + gas), two 120 kW propane or natural gas generators, and a solar array, all secured within a 16-foot trailer. The roof-mounted solar panels supply power to the battery for the initial load. Gas generators kick on as the battery becomes depleted, to supplement the charge without interruption. The REV Station’s internal microgrid controller monitors the load and battery usage and employs the generators at the optimal intervals to minimize emissions.

  • Level 2 and Level 3 DC fast charging
  • Fueled by natural gas or propane
  • Charges 4 vehicles at a time
  • Meets California AQMD requirements
  • Island mode capable
  • 6 – 10 vehicles charged per hour
  • Integration with renewables available
  • Available with diesel engine solution
  • Mobile or stationary
  • Service & maintenance provided by Moser