Moser has quite literally every generator you could need: ranging from 10kW to 20MW; powered by battery, natural gas, or propane; ready to serve as a mobile EV-charging station, supplementary emergency power, or prime power for your project. With 50 years of experience powering the harsh oil & gas industry, Moser is uniquely qualified to service and supply your project’s generators.

REV Station

Our revolutionary approach to grid-interactive EV charging.

Moser HybridGen

Our patented solution combines the best of engine-driven technology with the clean responsiveness of battery storage.

Prime Power Generators

Moser’s prime power generators are purpose-built to perform flawlessly in the most demanding environments.

Standby Generators

Natural gas and diesel standby generators to keep your operation running— from 10kW up to 500kW.

Portable Generators

Fuel efficient standby power to take on the go.