Larger Scale Power Solutions In Remote Locations Or For Resiliency Within The Power Grid

Moser can meet your needs with its microgrid solutions. Including conventional power generation or our HybridGen system, which seamlessly integrates battery energy storage with renewable resources and engine-driven generators to provide fuel cost reductions and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Let Us Provide the Power Solutions for Your Microgrid Project

Scalability and Flexibility – Paralleling technology allows Moser generators to be configured up to 20MW.

Continuous Duty Capability – Unlike typical backup generators which are designed to run a few hours at a time for a limited number of hours per year, Moser’s generators utilize high capacity cooling systems, automatic engine lube replenishment, proven maintenance intervals, and convenient service access that provides reliable power over extended periods (e.g., multiple years).  Therefore, they are well suited to provide peace of mind that your company and facility will have power regardless of the grid situation.

Environmentally Friendly – Moser’s natural gas generators are 30% cleaner burning than diesel-powered generators.

HybridGen – HybridGen seamlessly integrates battery energy storage with renewable resources and engine-driven generators.  The HybridGen system offers several advantages, including a 40% reduction in fuel use, a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and a response time of 0.16 seconds. Click here to learn more.

Financial Flexibility – We understand that pursuing these strategies potentially includes a significant financial commitment. That is why Moser offers financial flexibility with long-term lease and purchase options.

Grid-Interactive – Microgrid’s can be designed with a grid interconnection to allow for dispatchable demand response and selling power back to the grid.

Real-Time Monitoring – Generators are equipped with telemetry for real-time monitoring so they can be dispatched in real-time to better match the load requirements of the microgrid.

Reliability –  Moser’s robust generator design was developed and tested in the harsh, heavy-duty oilfield environment.  These rugged generators have the proven capability to thrive in the most extreme conditions, with nearly 100% runtime.

Why Choose Us

Custom Power Solutions

Increasing grid reliability problems have increased the need for resilient microgrids that combine the environmental attributes of renewable generation technologies with the efficiency and reliability of conventional generation. We provide our time tested and proven service and reliability to ensure that microgrids are clean, efficient, and more reliable than the transmission grid.