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Powering The Oil & Gas Industry For More Than 50 Years

Moser Energy Systems leads the generator industry in innovation. It was the first company to successfully run natural gas generators on wellhead gas, significantly reducing power costs and oilfield flaring. Our industry-leading generators are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Casper, Wyoming. They have been tested and proven to run in all oilfield climates, from the bitter cold of North Dakota to the extreme heat of West Texas.

We Have Your Power Needs Covered

Experience – For over 50 years, Moser has built a gold standard reputation for the highest level of customer service and reliable equipment.

Large Rental Fleet – Over 1,000 mobile natural gas-powered generators providing approximately 200MW of generation capacity. Individual generators range in size from 70kW to 350kW, but paralleling technology allows generators that can be deployed to serve power loads in excess of 20MW. Click here to learn more.

Remote Monitoring – Onboard monitoring provides real-time operating information ensuring timely response to scheduled and unscheduled service events.

Field Services – A team of highly experienced technicians handles all the regular maintenance and any repairs in a highly expedient fashion to keep oil and gas facilities up and running. Click here to learn more.

Reliability –  We understand time is money to our customers, that is why Moser offers nearly 100% runtime in the harshest conditions.

Strategically Located  – Operations in the most prolific oil and gas areas.

Flare Reduction – Moser’s generators turn flare gas, which would otherwise be wasted, into clean, low-cost power,  significantly reducing production costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Cost Reduction – In addition to lower production costs, using Moser’s generators to power production avoids the very expensive capital cost of running line power to remote locations.

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We were pioneers in successfully running generators on wellhead gas. This not only makes economic sense, but it’s also good for the environment.