Standby Generators

Full Product Suite Of Natural Gas And Diesel Standby Generators

Moser Energy Systems offers a complete line of natural gas and diesel standby generators ranging from 10kW up to 500kW. However, Moser provides more than simply selling you a generator so you can rest assured that you will have reliable and cost effective backup power.

Trusted Advice – Based on over 40 years of experience in operating, manufacturing, and maintaining generators, Moser can give you the best advice on the most cost-effective and dependable standby power solution.

Comprehensive Solution – Moser will make it easy for you.  From start to finish, Moser will handle all the site preparation and installation.

Preventive Maintenance – Moser’s team of highly trained and experienced field service technicians will provide regular service and maintenance, so your generator is always ready to respond to a power outage.

Why Choose Us

Custom Power Solutions

Moser Energy units are designed to keep business moving, even when the power goes out. Whether your business is small or large, our generators are equipped for continuous duty capability, meaning they run longer, cleaner, and better than diesel generators at a fraction of the cost. It doesn’t matter if you’re using our units as your primary generator or as a standby- you can count on Moser Energy generators to be your Plan A and your Plan B.