Moser Energy Systems Hosts Mentorship Program in Coordination With the Boys & Girls Club of Central Wyoming

September 6, 2023

Moser Energy Systems, a leading innovator of distributed energy systems, hosted its second annual Career Works, a mentorship program for teens coordinated by the Boys & Girls Club of Central Wyoming. Career Works, started in 2022, aims to educate kids aged 12-18 in skills applicable to careers in the Casper, WY community.

On the first week of the program, each Club member is fit for steel-toed boots and then “applies” and “interviews” for a position at Moser Energy Systems. Over the next four weeks, the Moser provides feedback on Club members’ mock interviews, and leads job shadows in supply chain and inventory management, fabrication and CAD training, troubleshooting and repairing generators, and working in Moser’s engine rebuild center. At the end of the five weeks, the Moser team puts on a car show and barbecue to celebrate the Club members’ accomplishments.

“Moser appreciates the opportunity to be involved with the Career Works program at the Boys and Girls Club of Central Wyoming. As an employer in Natrona County, community involvement is very important to us,” said Aaron Emery, Vice President of Headquarters Operations at Moser. “This program allows us to start building relationships with our future workforce at an early age and hopefully shows the children of the Boys & Girls Club that Moser is a place where they would want to work when they grow up. Exposing them to industry and what it can offer is very important at Moser. Keeping our younger workforce in Casper benefits everyone.”

Amanda Preddice-Milne, Career Development Coordinator at the Boys & Girls Club of Central Wyoming, reported a vast increase in understanding of the local mechanics and fabrication industry and confidence in interviewing skills and ability among the Club members who attended Career Works.

“I think allowing teens to push themselves out of their comfort zones provides safe opportunities to explore interests and innate abilities. Career Works partnerships allow for participants to gain exposure to industry practices and professionals they may have never had a chance to experience. In its second year, the partnership with Moser continues to inspire even the most timid young person to think of themselves as more than capable of doing something they never thought was in their future,” said Preddice-Milne. “Because of Moser’s polished curriculum and the dedication of their employees, they’ve made it possible to open a world of possibilities to our Club Members.”