Moser Energy Systems Has Been Named 2023 Breakthrough Supplier By Pioneer Natural Resources

March 14, 2024

Moser Energy Systems, a leading innovator of distributed energy systems, has been named Breakthrough Supplier of 2023 by Pioneer Natural Resources, the largest oil producer in the largest oil producing basin in the US.

The Breakthrough Supplier Award celebrates relatively newer suppliers who have quickly adapted to Pioneer’s operations and exceeded expectations, introduced cutting-edge innovations, or provided crucial services to advance business goals.

According to Pioneer Senior Vice President of Product Operations Craig Kuiper, “In a short period of time, these agile suppliers have integrated seamlessly to deliver value across our drilling, completions, operations, capital projects, and more. Their breakthrough contributions enable us to operate more efficiently, productively, and sustainably. Though new to our network, they work closely with us to drive progress. We eagerly anticipate what our future collaborations will unlock together.”

Moser’s Senior Vice President of Sales Craig Wright received the award on behalf of the company. “Moser is thrilled and honored to receive the Breakthrough Supplier Award from Pioneer Natural Resources!” said Wright. “This recognition is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and innovation of our incredible team. We’re grateful to our partners for trusting us and proud to contribute to their success. Here’s to more breakthroughs and collaborative achievements in the future!”

In presenting the award to Moser Energy Systems, Rebecca Smith, Pioneer Category Supervisor stated, “I’m proud to award Moser Energy Systems the Breakthrough Supplier Award. Moser has delivered continuously reliable power solutions that enable our capital projects and operations teams. Their generators are always available when we need them. We feel the strength of our partnership daily and appreciate Moser prioritizing Pioneer. Let’s congratulate Moser on their outstanding contributions!”

“Three years ago, Moser had limited presence with Pioneer. Since then, with our industry-leading reliability and superior service, Moser is now the top mobile power solutions provider to the top oil producer in the biggest oil producing basin in the country,” said Peter Dawes, Moser President and CEO. “This award is a manifestation of our core values: We are people of integrity. We keep our commitments. If we say the power will be there, it will be there. Also, Moser people strive to be better every day. What better example of this core value than taking on the significant growth challenges presented by Pioneer’s demands? Heartfelt thanks to our partners at Pioneer for this recognition, and congratulations to the entire Moser team for this achievement.”