Moser Energy Systems Emissions Catalysts

August 16, 2022

At Moser Energy Systems, one of our biggest strategic goals is to differentiate ourselves from others when it comes to generator services, particularly in the oil and gas industry. Moreover, we want to create clean energy systems that are, in fact, even cleaner than power grids.

To do this, we created our own emissions catalyst that monitors engine emissions so that users know that their system is always operating at a fraction of the EPA limit. This means that when a customer buys our products, they know that they’re getting the best results in terms of emissions performance, but they also know that they’re getting a system that will alert them when they’re getting out of compliance.

This innovation is vital in this day and age, and it comes about amid the ever-evolving debate of fossil fuel vs. green energy. 

“When you look out into the landscape, there are two schools of thought,” said Darrin Moorman, the Senior Vice President of Innovation and Business Development for Moser Energy Systems. “One is that we have to go all green energy. And then there seems to be another that says we’ve got to go all fossil energy, and, for whatever reason, there’s nothing in between. It’s like those two things can’t exist at the same time. But they can. And I’ve got news for you: they have to.” 

Moorman said the reason the two types of energy have to coexist is that they do, in fact, work together in many cases, such as with the emissions catalyst. 

“We can’t transition to 100 percent renewable energy without the benefit of the base power that fossil energy can provide to you because you can’t do everything with batteries,” he said. “So, we wanted to provide a hybrid system that had the ability to integrate renewables, but that also made very good use of fossil energy for that base load power. But that base load power was even cleaner than your plugin power that you get at your house.” 

Moser Energy Systems is leading the way in providing diversified energy solutions, whether it’s via our natural gas generators, the Moser HybridGen™ (which reduces emissions by 50% and fuel consumption by 40%), or our emissions catalyst.

“Moser Energy Systems has designed a system that not only reduces the greenhouse gas emissions from power, making it cleaner than the grid – it also monitors and records the amounts of emissions that the system is emitting so that users can do their own calculation on the carbon intensity of the energy that they’re buying. It’s not a projection; it’s a real data analysis that’s looking at the system 24/7, real-time. So, users can see continuously how many emissions their power system is providing.” 

This emissions catalyst also provides a wealth of benefits when it comes to EPA regulations, permitting processes, and more. 

“Using Wyoming as an example, it’s a rule that you have to go and test your system to make sure that it’s compliant,” Moorman stated. “You also have to perform what I’ll call ‘passive monitoring.’ It doesn’t look at the emissions; it looks at exhaust gas, temperatures, and things like that and then assumes that the catalyst is working effectively there. What our system will do is eliminate the need to have that additional testing. So, when you think about your carbon intensity, the fact that you’ve got to drive a truck out there to do the actual test itself- that’s emissions too, by the way – you’ve eliminated the need for that as well. Hypothetically, if you’re operating line power and your carbon intensity is 1.8 tons per megawatt hour, and the Moser solution is half of that, you should be able to claim that carbon reduction as self-generation. Now, that hasn’t happened yet, but that’s where you’ll really begin to provide an incentive to operators because it will be another profit center for them in the carbon market as that catches up.” 

As Moser Energy Systems continues to evolve and innovate, we want to utilize the best of both worlds when it comes to energy production while also remaining as ‘clean’ as possible while doing it. This new emissions catalyst will help operators do just that while also saving them money in the long run. 

“For too long, people have looked at oil and gas production as the evil ones, in terms of the environment,” Moorman said. “American oil production is the cleanest in the world. Moser wants to continue to push that even further so that when we have the discussion about fossil energy, that conversation could be better informed to understand that if you really look at the carbon intensity of our systems – as opposed to the grid, as opposed to even some of the renewable projects that are created by coal-burning power plants in China that are very dirty in their production – when you look at the equation, Moser Energy Systems wants to be in the front of that. Moser wants to provide an alternative to dirty grid power but also provide a more reliable enhancement to renewable energy, merging those two systems, renewables and fossil-based energy, together. That’s the best way that we’ll find energy security and clean energy for the future.”