Moser Energy Systems Celebrates 50th Anniversary

June 26, 2023

Moser Energy Systems celebrated 50 years in business in June 2023. The company was founded by the Moser family, who opened an engine repair business in 1973, which they grew into a world-class provider of generators and distributed energy solutions and service. In 2020, Moser welcomed investment partners WestFront Capital Group and Hilltop Opportunity Partners in a strategic move to position the company for further growth and diversification in the evolving energy market. Moser’s most recent product offerings, the Moser HybridGen™ and REV Station™, demonstrate the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence in sustainable power solutions.

“Celebrating 50 years…it’s a time to reflect,” said Peter Dawes, Moser President and CEO. “And we’re also talking about what it’s going to be like the next 50 years. How do we take the legacy of the Moser family and the things that really set them apart—nurture them, protect them, and also grow them for the future?”

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Happy 50th Anniversary Cake