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Our prime power and continuous duty generators are built to perform in the most demanding environments.

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Custom Power Solutions

Our energy solutions have paved the way for many innovative products such as our HybridGen (Generator + Battery) generator, prime power and continuous duty generators which were the first commercial-grade generators designed and manufactured to run on raw wellhead gas. 

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Moser Energy Systems is a leading provider of diversified distributed power systems.

We are a dedicated group of professionals that believe the energy industry should not have to make a choice between environmental stewardship and reliability. Both are critical and can be achieved simultaneously. We are committed to continuous improvement and evolution of our products, solutions, and services to offer the highest possible reliability and best customer service.


Service When You Need It

Always be prepared with Moser Energy Systems Field Service

We maintain our own fleet out in the field with a team of highly trained technicians, but many generator owners have come to rely on us to keep their equipment running and ready for action. That’s because we treat customer-owned generators like one of our own.

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Moser Energy Systems Emissions Catalysts

At Moser Energy Systems, one of our biggest strategic goals is to differentiate ourselves from others when it comes to generator services, particularly in the oil and gas industry Moreover, we want to create clean energy systems that are, in fact,...