The Moser REV Station

Moser developed the REV Station solutions by applying our decades of expertise in the engineering and packaging of mobile power systems. This evolutionary approach to EV charging is the perfect solution to many of the challenges of broader EV adoption and incorporates our patented controls technology as well as the proprietary Moser Catalyst to ensure that environmental stewardship remains a top priority.

Why go with the Moser REV Station instead of building a fixed charging location?

  • The electric grid is becoming less stable & more unreliable
  • Interconnection, when available, takes too long & costs too much
  • Fixed charging stations will not work in the event of a natural disaster – replacement time is long
  • Business needs change – mobile energy solutions can change with them
  • The REV Station is typically cleaner and less expensive than the grid-connected alternative

Level 3 Charging
Fueled by natural gas or propane
Typically, lower than Grid Emissions – meets CA AQMD requirements
Reliable (not grid or pipeline dependent)
6 – 10 Vehicles Charged/Hour (vehicle dependent)
Ability to integrate renewables
Mobile or Stationary System
Service/Maintenance Provided by Moser

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Custom Power Solutions

One of the biggest challenges to broader EV adoption is the cost, availability, and reliability of the existing infrastructure. This is especially true in rural areas, seasonal tourist areas, and during large-scale evacuations like hurricanes and fires. Our REV Stations can alleviate all of these concerns and in most cases with lower emissions than the fixed grid-connected alternatives.