Moser Energy Systems Partners With Lightfoot Energy Solutions to Power Cannabis Production

Press Release

Moser Energy Systems has recently partnered with Lightfoot Energy Solutions to help power a cannabis greenhouse facility in Santa Cruz, California.

Moser Energy Systems is an industry leader in power generation, providing prime or standby power to many different industries and developing partnerships with other innovators in the world of clean energy. One of those partnerships is with Lightfoot Energy Solutions.

Currently, Lightfoot Energy Solutions  is utilizing three 350kW natural gas generators for this project, provided by Moser Energy Systems. These generators help power the lights and controls of the greenhouse facility for up to 12 hours at a time, offering continuous prime power during those cycles. 

“The cannabis industry is a very power-intense industry,” said Ed Holmquist, the Director of Business Development for Lightfoot Energy Solutions. “When you’re growing cannabis in a greenhouse, you’re using mixed light (natural and artificial), and you’re using controlled environmental agriculture. That requires a lot of power and Moser helps us provide it.” 

Holmquist said that he first heard about Moser Energy Systems from a colleague, got in touch with them, and was immediately impressed by the level of dedication and customer care that Moser Energy Systems provided. 

“One of the things that Moser Energy Systems is really good at is that if I have an issue, like a voltage regulator or something else goes out, I can get on the phone with them and they’ve got three guys that will immediately say, ‘Let’s troubleshoot; let’s figure this out,’” Holmquist said. 

Lightfoot Energy Solutions is currently utilizing three Moser Energy Systems generators for this project, and Holmquist said that he hopes to work with the company in the future, in a variety of scenarios. Moser Energy Systems is able to provide power to a number of different industries, from upstream oil & gas, to commercial & industrial projects, demand response & grid-interactive, microgrid projects, and various types of events and other projects. Moser Energy Systems offers standby and continuous duty generators.  It has recently launched its HybridGen System- an energy solution that combines battery inverter technology to double the capacity of gas generators while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fuel burn.